WMC Chapters

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United States of America

Chapter # State Date


38Redding, CA7/11/2006


60Hernando, FL.2/20/2016


76Atlanta, GA.2/21/2015
83Stone Mountain , GA.2/18/2017
86Carrollton, GA.2/24/2018


23Hoosier, IN.11/9/2004
52Boone County, IN.7/10/2010
84Henry County , IN.2/18/2017


22Dixie, KY.6/18/2004
88Alexandria, KY.2/23/2019


65New Orleans, LA.2/23/2013


39Frederick, MD.2/9/2008


1Detroit, MI.5/08/2001
5Lansing, MI.10/1/2001
7Pontiac, MI.2/28/2002
10Downriver, MI.10/6/2002
14Mt. Clemens, MI.5/14/2003
20Howell, MI.5/22/2004
21Grand Rapids, MI.5/22/2004
25Flint, MI.2/19/2005
31Salem, MI.10/11/2005
32Superior Twn., MI.11/8/2005
34South Oakland, MI.7/8/2006
37Gun Lake, MI.4/28/2007
44Southern Macomb, MI2/21/2009
48Cheboygan, MI.10/10/2009
49Roscommon, MI.2/20/2010
51Allen Park, MI.2/20/2010
55St. Clair County, MI.7/22/2014
59Marquette, MI.2/18/2012
61Western Wayne, MI.7/14/2012
71Greenville, MI.2/22/2014
72Traverse City, MI2/22/2014
77Saginaw, MI2/21/2015
78Shiawasee County, MI.2/21/2015
79East Washtenaw , MI.2/20/2016

 New York

2Rochester, NY.7/14/2001
4Jefferson County, NY.8/14/2001
6Hudson Valley, NY.10/6/2001
12Elmira, NY.3/29/2003
17St. Lawrence, NY.11/11/2003
26Mid Hudson, NY.3/8/2005
30Sullivan County, NY.6/25/2005
36Walker Valley, NY.2/13/2007
57Albany, NY.2/19/2011
58Seneca, NY.2/18/2012
63Rockland County, NY.2/23/2013
64Franklin County, NY.2/23/2013
66Middletown, NY.2/23/2013
69Westchester, NY7/20/2013

 North Carolina

62Raleigh, NC.2/23/2013


8Cleveland East, OH.6/14/2002
9Cincinnati, OH.6/14/2002
11Rubber City, OH.12/6/2002
13Springfield, OH.4/5/2003
16Cleveland, OH.9/8/2003
19Sandusky, OH.2/21/2004
27Fremont, OH6/25/2005
33Brook Park, OH.2/14/2006
35Iron City, OH.7/11/2006
41Bellaire, OH.7/12/2008
45Toledo, OH.6/27/2009
46Lorain, OH.6/27/2009
50Mansfield, OH2/20/2010
53Portage, OH.7/10/2010
56Westlake, OH.2/19/2011
70Canton, OH.2/22/2014
73Cambridge, OH.7/19/2014
89Union County, OH.2/23/2019


 80 Pittsburgh, PA. 2/18/2017

South Carolina

67Myrtle Beach, SC.7/20/2013


54Dallas, TX.2/19/2011


18Madison, WI.1/31/2004


British Columbia

28Vancouver, BC6/25/2005


3Toronto, ON.7/28/2001
43Whitby, ON.2/21/2009
47Hamilton, ON.10/10/2009
82London , ON.2/18/2017
85Kingston, ON.2/24/2018
87Windsor, ON.2/23/2019